Tips When Dancing With A Partner

Dancing is a fun activity. People love dancing as they are inspired by the beat or rhythm of a song. You can express yourself through dancing as well. It is quite natural that when you start dancing you want to get your partner or friend involved. Dancing with a partner means that you both trust each other to make it through to the end of the dance and have fun at the same time. If you want to dance with your significant other or a friend, here’s a few tips to help you along the way.

  • Preparing yourself by creating a goal and objective between you and your dance partner is critical. Communicate with each other and create a comfortable environment among yourselves.
  • If you know someone who can help you support and choreograph your couple dance, then it’s your lucky day. If not you can always sign up for dancing lessons.
  • Don’t forget to make sure that you wash your hands before you dance with your partner. Ladies ensure that your manicured nails will not hurt you partner during the routine. If you have sweaty palms carry a handkerchief around.
  • Another hygiene factor to consider is fresh breath! Brush your teeth beforehand or use mouthwash! Keep the chewing gum away!
  • Your partner might feel uncomfortable if you smell sweaty. So use plenty of deodorant and a dab of perfume!
  • When you dance with your partner don’t forget to look at each other, communicate and even smile. This will show your audience that you are comfortable with each other and have great chemistry on the dance floor.
  • When you practice salsa or latin dancing lessons Melbourne or any fast paced dance, have a friendly and flexible grip. These types of dances have a lot of quick movements and your female partner should be able to execute all her moves.
  • Ladies should support their male partner especially during lifts. Be ready to jump and trust your partner! Hold yourself confidently and let your partner lead you.
  • Keep your arms in the frame and allow yourself to be steered or steer your partner.
  • Gentleman, do not forget that you have to be confident, strong, reliable and trustworthy in order to lead your lady. The body language between your partner and yourself during the dance is vital to execute your choreography. Learn each other’s body language to be successful.
  • Video yourself practicing. This will help you learn from your mistakes.

Don’t worry if you step on your partner’s feet or kick him or her. Practice, practice and practice until you perfect your routine. Happy dancing! For more information, please click